How to Choose the Perfect Location for Your Family Photos

Well, the temps may still be in the 90’s, but fall is officially here! And now is probably the time of year you start to think about getting your family photos up-to-date. As you think about that, the big question of WHERE to take them probably enters your mind. Not to worry- I’m here to help you choose the perfect location for your family photos! When we sit down to plan your session, we’ll talk through all the important details, location being one of them. But, to get you thinking now, here are three important factors to consider when deciding upon your location: 


1. Your preference for outdoor or indoor


Does your family love to be outside? There are so many options when it comes to outdoor photo sessions! Does your family love to be out in nature? If so, I have some beautiful spots for that! Does your family prefer the urban vibe? We can do that, too! Natural or urban, there’s something magical about being outdoors with the setting sun in your photos. 


Round Rock Family Photography by Karissa Michele Photography


While I certainly love a good sunset outdoor photo session, I, at least equally, love an in-home family session. This kind of a session takes place in your own home, has so much variety based on the light and rooms in your home, and tells such a great story! Does your family love to stay home? Do you love to do things together at home? Would being in your own home help anyone in your family (ahem, dad) enjoy the photo session more? Do you love your home and want to capture your family in your beautiful space? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should absolutely consider an in-home family session! Especially if you have never experienced one before. They are truly special, activity-centered, and completely enjoyable for all family members!


Round Rock Family Photography by Karissa Michele Photography

2. Where you plan to display your images

Another thing to consider when choosing the perfect location for your photos is where you plan to enjoy seeing your images afterward. If you know you want to display a canvas over the fireplace, for example, think of what type of location would complement the style and colors of your room. If you prefer an album for your coffee table that tells the complete story with all your session images, then complementing your home does not matter so much, and you have more freedom to choose your location based upon the story you want to tell. (Albums, by the way, are the perfect choice for an in-home session!) 


3. Practical logistics

Finally, consider the logistics of your location. If outdoor, think through the factors of distance to get there and the terrain- can your children handle those things? If in your home, think through getting your home photo-ready (not perfect!). 


So, what do you think? What stands out to you? Did this help you to think about the perfect location for your family photos a little bit differently? Whatever your preference, I would be honored to partner with you to create a customized experience for your family. Let’s capture your love and connection in that perfect location and create something beautiful and lasting for you to enjoy and pass down! Contact me today to get started!


Happy Fall!





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