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I don’t know about you, but I was sure excited to step outside the door this morning to be met by a chilly breeze and crisp air… fall has finally arrived!  It’s time to light that pumpkin candle and pull out those sweaters and boots that have been sitting in the closet all summer begging to be worn again.  It’s also that perfect time of year for your family photo session!

Are your family photos something you look forward to?  Or do they cause your blood pressure to rise just thinking about having to come up with outfits for everyone to wear?  Clothes that look nice… that fit right… that the kids (or dad!) won’t whine about wearing… and that all somehow work well together??

It’s been my experience that outfit coordination is the number one stressor among clients when preparing for a family photo session. But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Planning your family’s wardrobe can actually be enjoyable and fun!

If you have family photos planned for this fall and are feeling overwhelmed, here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin to think through your wardrobe:


1. Start with mom!  If mom loves what she is wearing and feels confident about herself, the session will be so much more relaxed and enjoyable for her and the whole family.  Usually it is mom who plans the family’s wardrobe, and usually she plans her children’s outfits first and then struggles to find something at the end for herself that works.  I suggest working in reverse order.  Start with mom.  Then choose the children’s clothes, and last, coordinate dad to pull it all together.

2.  Think coordinate and compliment, NOT match!  Not everyone (or even two people) have to be wearing the same color!  Start with mom’s outfit color and then build a coordinating wardrobe from there.  As long as the overall combination of colors work well together, you are good to go!

More on color: Keep your session location in mind when planning your colors.  If your setting is urban,  for example, try to stay away from light, neutral tones, as those tend to blend into buildings.  And in any setting, PLEASE stay away from very bright or fluorescent colors, as those will reflect onto skin and cause unnatural and unflattering color casts.

3. Feel free to incorporate some patterns and/or textures.  This provides a nice depth to your wardrobe.  Try to avoid shirts with graphics or words.

4. Layers are another great way to add depth to your images.  Think scarves, jackets, jewelry, hats, headbands, suspenders, boot socks etc.

5. Think about the WHOLE outfit for each person, down to the shoes and accessories.

6.  Comfort/Style: Choose pieces/styles that everyone is comfortable wearing.  An uncomfortable child is not going to be a very happy participant in the session.  Also, choose a wardrobe that reflects your family’s personality. This is YOUR family’s session.  Don’t hold yourself hostage to copying something specific you found in an example on Pinterest.  Choose what you love and what works for your family!

As a full service photographer, I am there for my clients every step of the way, from our very first interactions all the way through their beautiful art hanging on their wall.  Whether responding to texted pictures or personally walking through their closet, I am there to ease this common wardrobe stress and help figure it all out!

Your family photos should be enjoyable.  I hope that what I have shared today will help you make confident wardrobe selections so that when you arrive at your session, you will be ready to focus on what really matters- making memories together!

Happy planning and HAPPY FALL!




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